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Fun Ideas for Outdoor Play

Day2DayParenting Child Development, Child Routines, Play Time, Quiet Time

Headed to a park or playground this summer? If so, keep these fun ideas in mind to foster your child’s development and creativity while outdoors! Birth-6 Months Simply being outdoors, where your child can experience a multitude of new sounds, sights, and smells, will provide your child with new sensory experiences. Allowing your child to touch leaves, grass, flowers, and …

Day2DayParentingFun Ideas for Outdoor Play
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Tummy Time Ideas For When You Can’t Use The Floor

Day2DayParenting Child Routines, Positioning, Tummy Time

From a very young age, it is important that babies be given playtime on their tummies. This helps develop strength in the neck, arms, and trunk which your baby will need to eventually sit up, crawl, and even walk! Tummy time also provides your baby with an opportunity to see his environment from a different perspective. But what are you …

Day2DayParentingTummy Time Ideas For When You Can’t Use The Floor
Foster Parenting - Day 2 Day Parenting

The Challenges and Rewards of Foster Parenting

Day2DayParenting Foster Parenting, Resources

The AFGARS (Adoption & Foster Care Analysis Reporting System) Report for the 2013 fiscal year reported that there were 402, 378 children from birth through age 20 living in foster care in the USA. Of that number, 54% were 8 years old or younger. Only 4% of the total number of children were in pre-adoptive homes while the rest were …

Day2DayParentingThe Challenges and Rewards of Foster Parenting
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Establishing a Naptime Routine

Day2DayParenting Child Routines, Nap Time, Sleep Routines

Let’s face it, as adults wouldn’t it be nice to be able to build a nap into your daily schedule? Sure it would, and some lucky adults actually do it. But why do kids fight nap time so much? Sleep schedules and napping routines can vary widely from child to child and depending upon age, but here are some general …

Day2DayParentingEstablishing a Naptime Routine

Using Meal Planning in Your Lunch & Dinner Routine

Day2DayParenting Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Child Routines, Meal Preparation, Mealtime, Parent Routines

Ah! The moment when you realize you forgot to plan something for lunch or dinner. You are at a loss for what to make and everything is either frozen or cereal. There has to be something better, and there is! Meal times shouldn’t be stressful. But how do you make them less stressful and yet nutritious? One simple thing can …

Day2DayParentingUsing Meal Planning in Your Lunch & Dinner Routine
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5 Ways to Celebrate Dad On Father’s Day

Day2DayParenting Daddy Time, Parent Routines

Father’s Day is just around the corner and that means it’s the perfect time to tell the special father in your life just how important he is! If you’re looking for great ideas to help dad know just how loved he is this Father’s Day, you’re in luck! Here’s a list of 5 great ways to celebrate Dad on Father’s …

Day2DayParenting5 Ways to Celebrate Dad On Father’s Day
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Kids in the Kitchen: Involve kids in Cooking

Day2DayParenting Child Development, Meal Preparation, Parent Routines

They say the heart of the home is the kitchen – but often you have tiny hands pulling at you for your attention. You wonder to yourself “How am I ever going to get food made and on the table?” The easiest answer is to get those tiny hands into action. Here are some great ways that you can involve …

Day2DayParentingKids in the Kitchen: Involve kids in Cooking
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How to Take Time Away for Yourself or Your Marriage

Betsy Gamza Parent Routines, Time Away

In today’s busy culture, the demands of work and family are very real! If you are involved in community activities outside of your work, then you may have extra demands. Once you arrive back at home, your family needs you. The backpacks and schools need you, there are phone calls to make, and emails to send. There are also piles of laundry piling …

Betsy GamzaHow to Take Time Away for Yourself or Your Marriage
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Easy and Healthy Breakfast Tips

Day2DayParenting Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Child Routines, Meal Preparation, Mealtime, Parent Routines

The beeping of the alarm rustles you from your peaceful slumber—you reach out of bed and shut it off and wish that the sandman could come visit you for a few more minutes; but alas morning has come. Often mornings are so hectic that taking time to eat breakfast is lost in the shuffle; but we all know that breakfast …

Day2DayParentingEasy and Healthy Breakfast Tips
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Teaching Children Hand Washing Basics

Tamara Guo Child Routines, Hand Washing, Hygiene

Let’s face it, little kids’ hands get dirty-often! So teaching them when and how to wash their hands is an important part of their daily hygiene routine that should begin in toddlerhood. If you give your little ones the basics and make hand washing a part of their daily routine at home, it will become ingrained in them before they …

Tamara GuoTeaching Children Hand Washing Basics