happy toddler

The Happiest Toddler on the Block | Book Review

“Toddlers aren’t mini-adults, or even mini-big kids. They’re more like uncivilized little cave-kids.” – The Happiest Toddler on the Block   How to Successfully Communicate with Your Toddler Do you ever feel like you are speaking a different language when trying to talk to your toddler?  Although your toddler now has the receptive and expressive language skills to carry on …

meeting the needs of a newborn

Meeting the Needs of a Newborn Baby in the First Three Months

Modern day society presents new mothers and their newborns with many different challenges. Many women are trying to fulfill their role as mom, wife, professional, student, daughter, sister, etc in a fast paced world influenced by instant gratification, social media, and technology. I find that it is increasingly difficult for a new mom to care for and nurture her child and their unique bond the way nature intended.

The Importance of Tactile Exploration for Feeding

Teaching a baby how to eat and enjoy food is a fun and exciting milestone for many parents. It is essential for us as parents to be patient, to allow our baby to take the lead, and to see our baby’s food as much more than a way to satisfy hunger. Food and the act of feeding can and should …