toddler hitting

Why is My Toddler Hitting?

Stephanie SaikalyBehavior, Challenging Behavior

We have heard it before: My toddler just started hitting!  Rest assured, you are not alone if this is something you have encountered.  It is often a “phase” that toddlers may experiment with during interactions or play.  However, for some children it could require further investigation as to what may be the cause of this behavior and how to prevent …

preventing tantrums

Preventing Tantrums at the Store

Stephanie SaikalyBehavior, Challenging Behavior, Errands, Parent Routines

You are perusing the aisles at Target (or insert the name of your favorite store) and you hear a child screaming for a candy bar at the checkout counter. Now, what if the above-described child is YOUR child?  This is when we need to consider intervention strategies. How can we avoid that embarrassing supermarket meltdown from happening in the first …

hand holding tips for toddlers

Hand Holding Tips for Parents with Toddlers

Stephanie SaikalyBehavior, Child Routines, Discipline, Parent Routines

Holding your toddler’s hand can be one of the most beautiful connections between caregivers and children.  Yet, what if your toddler/child simply refuses to hold your hand?  What are we do to when we need to guide them or protect them from danger?  This is a topic often covered in sessions with my families who are concerned with safety and …

Autism Spectrum Therapies: the PLAY Project

Stephanie SaikalyChild Development, Parenting a Child with Special Needs, Resources, Special Needs Diagnoses, Therapy Options

As therapists working with our families in their natural environments, we have the ability to choose from many different approaches to autism spectrum therapy as well as identify appropriate structures for interventions that can be implemented. One such approach is called “The PLAY Project” (Play and Language for the Autistic Youngster).

head banging toddler

Head Banging Behaviors in Toddlers

Stephanie SaikalyBehavior, Challenging Behavior

Is Head Banging Indicative of Need for Intervention? As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Developmental Therapist (DV), I hear a lot of questions about behavior related to toddlers and whether head banging might be typical or indicative of more intensive behavior interventions. Recently, the topic of head banging, defined as any hitting or repeated connection with the child’s …