when kids say bad words

What To Do When Little Kids Say “Bad” Words

Tamara GuoBehavior, Challenging Behavior

The first time that your toddler uttered a swear word, it undoubtedly caught everyone by surprise and might have even made people laugh. Why do little kids say bad words? Because they often get a BIG reaction (be it positive or negative) from the big people in their lives.  They may have heard an older sibling say a swear word, …

hearing loss in children

Understanding Hearing Loss in Children

Tamara GuoChild Development, Special Needs Diagnoses

An informational update from the Western PA School for the Deaf November 13, 2014 Training Summary & Additional Info by Tamara Guo, M.Ed. Developmental Specialist   The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reported in 2012 that 1 in every 33 babies are born with some type of birth defect. Prematurity and low birth weight …

Q&A: Four Year Old Won’t Stop Thumb Sucking

Tamara GuoBehavior, Challenging Behavior

Our four-year old has his thumb in his mouth most of his waking hours. We’ve tried talking it over with him, the Thumb Buddy, books and stories about thumb sucking. His dentist talked to him about it approximately six months ago, too. None of these things have worked. We’re open to getting a professional evaluation but don’t know where to …

signs of autism

Speech Delay or Autism? | Signs of Autism

Tamara GuoChild Development, Special Needs Diagnoses

Many parents whose children exhibit speech and language delays are immediately concerned that their child may have autism. In early intervention, we cannot diagnose a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), we can only tell a parent if their child is showing developmental delays and if we see certain red flags that may indicate a child needs further evaluation to …

sensory processing disorder symptoms

Q&A: Does My Toddler Have Sensory Processing Disorder Symptoms?

Tamara GuoChild Development

My son is 3 years and 3 months old. He is funny and very outgoing, but he has always been aggressive in his play, when expressing frustration, and sometimes when expressing love. Like many toddlers, he hits or kicks when frustrated. He started school (two days/week for two hours) when he was two. The transition was difficult; he would cry …

child development

Child Development: Is My Child Average or Developmentally Behind?

Tamara GuoChild Development

As a therapist, I often hear parents make statements such as “He walked really late, at age 14 months,” or “Her sister was so much farther ahead of her, she was talking in sentences by 18 months.”  It’s natural for parents to compare their child with other children, as well as with older siblings, but is it a good thing? …

1 Year Old Not Walking or Standing

Q&A: 1 Year Old Not Walking

Tamara GuoChild Development, Walking

My son just turned one. I’m concerned about his gross motor skills. He crawls and can sit up on his own but he doesn’t pull himself up to the standing position. Nor does he attempt to walk. He’s perfectly happy just crawling places. He also did the army crawl for the longest time until switching to a regular all fours …