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Preparing Kids for Medical Appointments

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Children learn pretty quickly that when they are out in public, you are less likely to scold, or discipline them because of all the other people around. You may be more likely to “give in” at that moment just to stop the screaming. Sometimes kids may take advantage of this by saving their best tantrum for the grocery store line …

Day2DayParentingPreparing Kids for Medical Appointments
Cardboard box play - Day 2 Day Parenting

Cardboard Box Play Ideas

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When little ones have a birthday or the holidays roll around, many parents are surprised to see that their young child sometimes has more fun playing with the gift wrap and the box than the toy itself. If this sounds like your child, here are ten fun cardboard box play ideas that also help your child work on important skills. Young …

Day2DayParentingCardboard Box Play Ideas

10 Strategies for Picky Eaters and Kids with Feeding Difficulties

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Is your child a picky eater? Here are ten strategies for picky eaters & kids with feeding difficulties: 1.  Establish A Daily Meal Routine Try your best to have family mealtimes. This teaches children skills needed for eating in a social situation, things such as passing food from person to person and serving food from bowls. Kids also like to …

Day2DayParenting10 Strategies for Picky Eaters and Kids with Feeding Difficulties

Signs of Potty Training Readiness & 10 Tips to Make It Easier

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6 Signs of Potty Training Readiness Your child can stay dry for a period of at least 2 hours during the day and/or you child wakes up dry from his nap. Your child is beginning to show interest in the potty or imitate the behavior of older siblings or adults when in the bathroom. Your child is showing discomfort or …

Day2DayParentingSigns of Potty Training Readiness & 10 Tips to Make It Easier
Diaper Changes - Day 2 Day Parenting

How to Work on Rolling & Sitting During Diaper Changes

Erin McNulty Child Development, Child Routines, Infants 3 - 12 Months, Positioning

Looking for ways to encourage your baby to roll and sit? Typically, rolling skills develop between 4-6 months and sitting independently develops between 6-8 months of age. You can help your baby meet these motor milestones by helping them to develop strong core muscles and assisting them in these movements every day. Diaper changes are a great time to help them …

Erin McNultyHow to Work on Rolling & Sitting During Diaper Changes
cuddling your children - Day 2 Day Parenting

The Importance Of Cuddling Your Children

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Most parents love snuggling with their babies but they feel like at a certain age kids may be too old for “cuddle time”. This is not the case! Hugging is SO beneficial for not just kids, but humans in general. Several research studies seem to confirm that cuddling your children is not only pleasurable for both of you, but can …

Tamara GuoThe Importance Of Cuddling Your Children

Fun Ideas for Outdoor Play

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Headed to a park or playground this summer? If so, keep these fun ideas in mind to foster your child’s development and creativity while outdoors! Birth-6 Months Simply being outdoors, where your child can experience a multitude of new sounds, sights, and smells, will provide your child with new sensory experiences. Allowing your child to touch leaves, grass, flowers, and …

Day2DayParentingFun Ideas for Outdoor Play
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Tummy Time Ideas For When You Can’t Use The Floor

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From a very young age, it is important that babies be given playtime on their tummies. This helps develop strength in the neck, arms, and trunk which your baby will need to eventually sit up, crawl, and even walk! Tummy time also provides your baby with an opportunity to see his environment from a different perspective. But what are you …

Day2DayParentingTummy Time Ideas For When You Can’t Use The Floor
Foster Parenting - Day 2 Day Parenting

The Challenges and Rewards of Foster Parenting

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The AFGARS (Adoption & Foster Care Analysis Reporting System) Report for the 2013 fiscal year reported that there were 402, 378 children from birth through age 20 living in foster care in the USA. Of that number, 54% were 8 years old or younger. Only 4% of the total number of children were in pre-adoptive homes while the rest were …

Day2DayParentingThe Challenges and Rewards of Foster Parenting
Naptime Routine - Day 2 Day Parenting

Establishing a Naptime Routine

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Let’s face it, as adults wouldn’t it be nice to be able to build a nap into your daily schedule? Sure it would, and some lucky adults actually do it. But why do kids fight nap time so much? Sleep schedules and napping routines can vary widely from child to child and depending upon age, but here are some general …

Day2DayParentingEstablishing a Naptime Routine