car seat safety tips

Car Seat Safety & Tips for Avoiding Tantrums

Tamara Guo Car Seats, Resources

There’s nothing more frustrating than driving down the road with a screaming child throwing a tantrum in a car seat. We’ve all been there, and as a driver and parent you feel helpless and distracted, unless you can pull over and check on your little one. At times car seat tantrums will be unavoidable, but let us help you with …

Tamara GuoCar Seat Safety & Tips for Avoiding Tantrums
tooth brushing for kids

Oral Hygiene: Tooth Brushing for Kids

Tamara Guo Child Routines, Hygiene, Tooth Brushing

Good oral hygiene is important for your baby from the start. Before your infant even gets his fist teeth, you can use a piece of gauze wrapped around your index finger to gently clean your baby’s gums after feedings. This will ready your baby for when the first teeth emerge, usually around 6 months of age (but this varies greatly …

Tamara GuoOral Hygiene: Tooth Brushing for Kids
dad and baby daddy time

Dad and Baby: The Importance of Daddy Time

Barbara Mitchell Daddy Time, Parent Routines

Mommy grows the baby in her womb. She and the baby spend all day every day together during pregnancy. Mommy feels every kick, every movement, every hiccup, every painful contraction during labor, and every push until the baby’s magical arrival in to our world. Where does Daddy fit in? Baby needs her mother for feeding (especially when nursing), and other …

Barbara MitchellDad and Baby: The Importance of Daddy Time
diaper changing routines and tips

Are You Challenged By Diaper Changing Routines?

Tamara Guo Child Routines, Diaper Changing, Hygiene

As a parent you probably never thought of diaper changing as being fun or educational, right? But, did you know that you and your baby can work on a lot of developmental skills during one single diaper change and actually make it a positive learning experience? Infants are typically less of a challenge when it comes to changing diapers, but …

Tamara GuoAre You Challenged By Diaper Changing Routines?
Meal Preparation For Kids - Day 2 Day Parenting

Meal Preparation For Kids: How To Get Them Involved

Day2DayParenting Child Routines, Cooking Together, Meal Preparation, Mealtime, Parent Routines

It can be exhausting to complete all of the tasks and demands of the day. Throw children into the mix and things can be even more challenging. Meal preparation is one routine that does not have to be one of the day’s stressors! When it’s time to get a meal together, keeping children occupied is tricky. They are getting hungry …

Day2DayParentingMeal Preparation For Kids: How To Get Them Involved
baby drooling: when will it stop?

Baby Drooling: When Will It Stop?

Day2DayParenting Child Development, Infants 3 - 12 Months

As a mother of three girls I can certainly remember the days of going through several shirts and bibs per day when my kids were teething. With each child, the drooling lasted for different lengths of time. When should drooling subside in a child’s development? Hopefully this article will help you decide if it is still OK for your child …

Day2DayParentingBaby Drooling: When Will It Stop?
toddler obstacle course

Setting Up a Toddler Obstacle Course

Day2DayParenting Child Development, Toddlers 12 - 36 Months

Depending on your toddler’s physical development and needs, there are a variety of obstacles you can introduce to develop his/her gross motor skills. Obstacle courses are a great tool in pediatric physical therapy and used by many therapists in the field. Therapists and parents often know what muscle groups need strengthening, but asking a toddler to perform a regimen of …

Day2DayParentingSetting Up a Toddler Obstacle Course
Sippy Cups - Early Intervention Support

The Truth About Sippy Cups

Rinda Graybill Child Routines, Mealtime

A common question parents ask me is, “I hear sippy cups aren’t good for my child’s speech development. Can you tell me why?” The answer may not be what you think! Here are the common concerns regarding sippy cups: Swallowing When a child drinks from a sippy cup vs. an open cup vs. a straw cup, what they do with …

Rinda GraybillThe Truth About Sippy Cups
Make Transitions Easier - Early Intervention Support

How to Make Transitions Easier for Your Toddler

Day2DayParenting Child Routines, Parent Routines, Positioning, Switching Activities

Many parents or caregivers discover at one time or another that transitions in daily routines can be very challenging with a toddler, particularly if that means ending a favorite activity or beginning a non-preferred one. While most toddlers have tantrums from time to time, there are some strategies that you can use to help make transitions easier for your child…and …

Day2DayParentingHow to Make Transitions Easier for Your Toddler
learn to feed - Early Intervention Support

How Do I Help My Baby Learn to Feed Themselves?

Sandra Best Child Development, Child Routines, Infants 3 - 12 Months, Mealtime

For most typically-developing infants, pediatricians will advise that parents begin introducing spoon-fed baby foods to their babies at around the age of 6 months. Generally, we start with a thin mixture of rice cereal, and as babies demonstrate that they can handle this gentle food, we gradually add foods one at a time to ensure that there are no allergies. …

Sandra BestHow Do I Help My Baby Learn to Feed Themselves?