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Head Banging Behaviors in Toddlers

Stephanie Saikaly Behavior, Challenging Behavior

Is Head Banging Indicative of Need for Intervention? As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and Developmental Therapist (DV), I hear a lot of questions about behavior related to toddlers and whether head banging might be typical or indicative of more intensive behavior interventions. Recently, the topic of head banging, defined as any hitting or repeated connection with the child’s …

Stephanie SaikalyHead Banging Behaviors in Toddlers
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Stress Cues in Infants: Understanding Why Your Baby Is Crying & More

Hillary Thomas Behavior, Child Routines, Expressing Wants & Needs

Why is my baby crying? It can be quite overwhelming to respond to the needs of your new baby let alone know what they need and when.  Why is she crying? Why is she making that face?  I wish she could tell me what she needed.  These are all questions and thoughts that go through every parent’s mind.  The good …

Hillary ThomasStress Cues in Infants: Understanding Why Your Baby Is Crying & More

Q&A: 3 Year Old Throws Terrible Fits At Night

Tamara Guo Behavior, Challenging Behavior

My three year old has been throwing terrible fits at night. It starts if I tell her to do something she doesn’t want something as simple as bubbles in the bath. It turns into AN HOUR OF HER CRYING. I send her to her room until she can stop but she don’t stop she just acts worse. She throws toys. …

Tamara GuoQ&A: 3 Year Old Throws Terrible Fits At Night

Q&A: My Child is Aggressive in Preschool

Tamara Guo Behavior, Challenging Behavior

My child does great at school but she is just aggressive. She turned 3 in February and is the youngest in her preschool class. The other kids are turning 4. The problem is there is a new teacher in her class and my child has picked up a very aggressive behavior toward her friends. I don’t know what to do.  …

Tamara GuoQ&A: My Child is Aggressive in Preschool
Toddler Biting

Why Do Toddlers Bite? (And How To Handle It When They Do)

Day2DayParenting Behavior, Challenging Behavior

Is Your Toddler Biting? Most parents are horrified when they receive a note sent home from day care that their child has bitten someone. Some of our own mothers and grandmother’s would advise us “Bite him back, then he won’t do it again, it worked with my kids”. As child development specialists we do not advocate biting a child back, …

Day2DayParentingWhy Do Toddlers Bite? (And How To Handle It When They Do)

Teaching Your Child Patience

Day2DayParenting Behavior, Building Independence, Social Graces

How to Encourage Waiting Before you get upset with your toddler’s impatience, remember that your child isn’t emotionally or socially ready to understand the concept of waiting. Use the following tips to prevent your two-year-old child from screaming every time he/she has to wait: First/Then language can help prepare your child that he or she might not get what they …

Day2DayParentingTeaching Your Child Patience

Managing Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrum

Day2DayParenting Behavior, Challenging Behavior, Discipline

How to Deal with Temper Tantrums When a toddler sees something he or she wants and cannot have it immediately, the natural response is to scream. Tantrums usually start around 15 months because that’s the age a young child starts to voice their own desires. Your child simply doesn’t know any other way to communicate the anger and frustration they …

Day2DayParentingManaging Your Toddler’s Temper Tantrum

Teaching a Child to Take Turns

Day2DayParenting Behavior, Social Graces

Opening the front door, pulling the plug in the bathtub, washing hands for dinner, turning the television off, having the blue cup, getting to cuddle with Daddy… these are just a few of the daily turn taking events that require intense intervention and cajoling in my household. Once certain suggestions are made and the idea that one might get something …

Day2DayParentingTeaching a Child to Take Turns

Teaching Please and Thank You and Encouraging Good Manners

Day2DayParenting Behavior, Social Graces

Teaching good manners should begin in the toddler years, as soon as children learn to speak and begin to learn how to socially interact in their world. Toddlers learn well through a combination of having their parents model good manners and the use of repetition and praise. Teaching manners in the toddler and preschool years and reinforcing their use will …

Day2DayParentingTeaching Please and Thank You and Encouraging Good Manners