No Stairs, No Problem! Tips to Help With Stair Climbing Skills

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Stairs are an important part of our everyday lives.  Many families have stairs inside or leading into their homes.  Other families may not have stairs in their home but will visit friends’ or relatives’ houses that have stairs. Common questions that parents often ask therapists are: “When should my child be able to crawl or walk up the stairs” and …

1 Year Old Not Walking or Standing

Q&A: 1 Year Old Not Walking

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My son just turned one. I’m concerned about his gross motor skills. He crawls and can sit up on his own but he doesn’t pull himself up to the standing position. Nor does he attempt to walk. He’s perfectly happy just crawling places. He also did the army crawl for the longest time until switching to a regular all fours …

learning to walk should babies wear shoes

Should Babies Wear Shoes? Tips For New Walkers

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Shoes or no shoes? This is a question many parents of young children who are learning to walk will eventually ask. Do shoes make their child more stable? Or, will shoes hinder their ability to progress? Varying opinions of friends and family may add to the confusion.

When should baby start walking

When Should Your Baby Start Walking? Baby Walking Guidelines

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When Your Baby Learns to Walk: What’s Typical and What’s Not All parents await their baby’s first steps. This magical moment is usually reported to occur somewhere around a child’s first birthday, and when it doesn’t, many parents worry that something may be wrong with their child. While it is true that 12 months may be the average age for …

Q&A: Exercises for Baby Not Walking

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My daughter is 10 months old and she was evaluated by a PT for motor gross skills (early Intervention Program). She tested at 5 months for locomotion. Her muscle tone is within normal limits. She sits up, rolls both ways, pivots. She reached all these milestones late, around 7.5 months. She doesn’t bear weight on her legs. When I try …

Q&A: 17 Month Old Baby Not Walking

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My 17 month old was born at 36 weeks gestation. I think he has gross motor delays. His language skills and fine motor skills are excellent but he has never crawled and didn’t walk (only cruised) until 16 months of age. He cannot get into a standing position without assistance unless he can pull up and doesn’t really bend over …