Fun and Healthy Eating for Kids

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In my profession as a pediatric dietitian I frequently have parents ask, “How do I change my child’s eating habits?” Some parents would like their child to eat more, some to eat less, others to eat healthier and others just to include more variety. We have all heard the traditional response that as a parent we should model good eating habits. Sometimes that just isn’t enough. I always include trying to make healthy eating fun for your children.

Transitioning From Stage 2 Foods to Stage 3 Foods

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As on occupational therapist in the early intervention field, parents often ask me, “Why won’t my child eat Stage 3 foods?” This is a very common concern for parents, since transitioning to new foods is a huge change for kids from both a motor and sensory (texture) standpoint. There are many differences between being fed Stage 2 and Stage 3 …

Should Children Drink Juice? Guidelines for Giving Fruit Juice to Young Children

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As therapists we often visit families homes where babies are sucking juice out of bottles at 6 months old (or sooner!) and toddlers are carrying around juice filled sippy cups all day long. Juice is good for them right? Well, not really. Actually, young children do not really need juice to be healthy. Real fruit is a much healthier choice. …

Tips for Improving Your Child’s Eating Habits

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General Ways to Improve Your Child’s Eating: Establish a daily schedule for your family Set consistent times for meals and snacks Do not allow eating between scheduled meals and snacks Limit liquid intake between meals and snacks to water only Limit juice and milk intake during meals and snacks Offer a drink only after a child has begun to eat …

Establishing Good Nutritional Habits for Babies and Children

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Babies, toddlers, children and teens adults, too are their healthiest if they eat a variety of wholesome foods.   Since the early years of your child’s life are such an important period of growth, make sure the baby’s diet includes foods rich in vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, and fiber. To answer the ever-asked question, “How much should I feed my …