Cognitive Development for Babies 0 – 4 Months

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When your baby is under four months, she’ll enjoy looking at herself in a mirror. Hold her in front of a mirror and see if she smiles and makes noises at herself.

Feet are fun! Put a brightly colored sock on your baby’s foot. This will encourage her to look at her feet and pull at them and catch a foot. This game will also help your baby discover parts of her own body.

Make funny faces. Sometimes your baby will be staring intently at your face, taking in every detail. Make an ‘oh’ face; stick out your tongue or pucker your lips. Hold that expression and see if your baby imitates it. Smile if your baby copies you!

Play the tickle, tickle feather game. Lightly stroke your baby with a feather or even a cotton ball. She’ll enjoy the sensation as she learns to isolate different body parts. Talk to your baby softly. Describe what she is feeling.

At this age, it is normal for your baby to demand attention, like interactive play, and enjoy repeating activities.