Cognitive Development for Babies 5 – 8 Months

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Between the ages of 5 and 8 months, you’ll notice your baby loves looking at other babies. Invite another parent and his or her baby to share in this experience, and stay close to the babies as they discover one other.

Where’s the baby? When folding laundry, cover your baby with a sheet or towel. Say, ‘Where’s the baby?’ Wait a second and pull down the cloth. ‘Oh, there’s the baby!’

Waving bye-bye. Wave bye-bye when you leave the room for a moment or two. As you wave, tell your baby where you are going. ‘I am going into the kitchen, I’ll be right back. Bye-bye.’

Share a surprise. It’s time to give your baby toys that pop-up and squeak. Let your baby discover how to make the toy noises and be just as surprised as she is!

Shhh! It’s time to whisper. As your walking or rocking your baby, whisper sweet words into her ear. This will help her calm down and provide another way to talk in a loving voice.

At this age, your baby also demands attention, likes interactive play, and enjoys repeating activities.