Fine Motor Skills for Toddlers 16 – 20 Months

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By 18 Months, most toddlers can:

  • Build a tower using 2 cubes
  • Use hands together at midline (middle of the body)
  • Scribble
  • Point with pointer finger
  • Hold cup and drink – some spilling will occur
  • Remove socks
  • Place hats on heads

Parenting Tips for Fine Motor Skills:

You can help with baby developmental milestones.  Suggested play to help a baby 16 to 20 months of age develop fine motor skills:

  • Let your baby be a chef! Have your baby wash its hands and show it how to tear lettuce or spinach leaves. Remember to tell the family who made the salad.
  • Teach knife skills. Using a plastic knife, show your baby how to scoop and spread jelly or butter onto a piece of bread.
  • Create edible art. Give your toddler a small container of Cheerios or other round cereal and a clean shoelace or piece of string with tape around the edges to make it stiff. Show your baby how to string the Cheerios, and then eat them.
  • Create daily place mats. While you’re busy making dinner, your toddler can be busy making place mats. Drawing is a great activity for his/her little hands.