Gross Motor Skills Development for Infants Aged 0 – 3 Months

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Gross motor development involves the larger, stronger muscle groups. In early child development, it’s the development of these muscles that enable it to hold its head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk, run, jump and skip. Do these gross motor activities for infants with your baby to help them develop their muscles.

  • For an infant under three months, gently flex your baby’s legs in a bicycle movement while it is on its back.
  • Gentle neck exercises. Help your infant reach for a rattle held above its chest. Or, make some silly sounds to encourage your infant to lift its head.
  • Babies need variety. Put your infant in different positions when it’s awake so it can move its arms and legs in different directions (Always stay with your baby and watch it when placed on its stomach).
  • Take a bath together. While you hold your infant safely, it can enjoy kicking and splashing the water. You can gently massage its entire body.