cognitive skills for toddlers

Cognitive Development in Infants, Toddlers, and Children

Is My Baby’s Cognitive Development Typical?

Your baby loves watching your face and your movements. She’ll spend time observing others to learn how to act. Babies are so curious and there is so much to discover!

Babies develop at their own pace so use this simply as a guideline of activities you can do with your baby to help her develop her social and problem-solving skills.

Cognitive Development in Children:

Milestones by Age Group

0 – 4 Months

When your baby is under four months, she’ll enjoy looking at herself in a mirror. Hold her in front of a mirror and see if she smiles and makes noises at herself. Read more!

5 – 8 Months

Between the ages of 5 and 8 months, you’ll notice your baby loves looking at other babies. Invite another parent and his or her baby to share in this experience, and stay close to the babies as they discover one other. Read more!

8 – 12 Months

By nine months, your baby might enjoy follow the leader. Use simple movements, like tapping on the table or putting on a hat. Read more!

12 – 24 Months

Most two year olds will recognize self in the mirror, play for longer periods of time, often say “no” to bedtime and other requests. Read more!

24 – 36 Months

Most three year olds will be able to control bladder and bowel functions (but still has accidents), play with others for short periods of time, learn how to dress herself. Read more!

36 – 48 Months

Most four year old will play games with other children and can agree to rules, like to sing, dance and act, might be bossy and defiant. Read more!

48 – 60 Months

By 5 years, most children can handle all bathroom responsibilities independently, follow the rules to games, but sometimes change them as she goes, can help with chores. Read more!