Q&A: 7 Year Old Cannot Pronounce “K” and “G” Sounds

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blockquote_bgMy 7 year old daughter is unable to pronounce K & G sounds correctly. Please suggest any exercise or any good speech therapist in Delhi or Gurgaon (India).

I would suggest contacting a local speech and language pathologist for a speech evaluation for your child. You may find resources through your local school, hospital or clinic. Perhaps this agency in Delhi can point you in the right direction if you have difficulty as we do not have contact info outside the USA and I could not find any specific pediatric resources in your area by doing a Google search.

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Both the /k/ and /g/ sounds require the tongue to move back toward the throat (retract) and it’s sometimes hard to show a child this, but if a child lays on their back on the floor, gravity will pull the tongue back into the proper position and it might be easier for them to make the sounds correctly. Lie on the floor with your child and read the /g/ and /k/ pages of an alphabet book or use flash cards with words you want to practice. Let your child look in the mirror while doing so she can see what her tongue and mouth are doing. When she can get the sound lying down, try semi-reclining and gradually move to making the sounds sitting up. Here is a website which suggests other /g/ and /k/ sound practice ideas.

This is a link to the article on our website regarding articulation of speech sounds.