Q&A: 9 Month Old Not Crawling Yet

Tamara GuoChild Development, Crawling, Infants 3 - 12 Months

Q: 9 month old not crawling – My second child, who is 9 months old, is not crawling or creeping yet and also doesn’t pull himself up to a standing position. I am very concerned that something is wrong. Should I be concerned?

Most babies are able to crawl and pull to stand by age 12 months, so I would give your son a bit more time. You can read about gross motor development in the 9-12 month period at our web page for more tips and suggestions.

Continue to give your son as much play time as possible on his belly on the floor and less time in bouncers, walkers and jumpers if you use them. You can also place him over your lower leg, tucking his knees under him, to get him used to weight bearing on his knees and encourage him to place his hands on the floor over your leg to bear weight in this position (a skill he will need for crawling). You can rock him gently back and forth in this position to help him with weight shift and encourage him to reach for toys in this position, and sing or use music to make it fun. When he is on his belly or in sitting, place toys to his left and right sides, not directly in front of him, so he has to rotate and turn his body to reach for them. You can also let him push his feet against your hands or something solid to encourage him to belly scoot toward toys before he is able to bear weight on his hand/knees to crawl.

If your son does not seem to be making progress towards crawling or pulling to stand in the next month or so and you continue to have concerns you can contact your local early intervention provider to ask for a physical therapy evaluation for your son.