Therapy Tools for Children

Therapy tools are devices often used during therapy to help your child reach their goals.

They are smaller items that do not require a prescription from your physician. These tools are often used by therapists, though by following your therapist’s guidelines, they can also be put to use in your daily routines:

  • Balance Board
  • Chew Tube
  • Cut-Out Cups
  • Early Feeding Fork and Spoon Combo
  • Haberman Feeders
  • Magic Cup
  • Maroon Spoons
  • Nuk Brushes
  • Soft Bite Spoon
  • Straws
  • The Honey Bear with Straw
  • Theraball – Thera-Band Exercise Balls are inflatable balls used to strengthen muscles, balance training, improve posture and help prevent back pain. Uses for the Thera-Band Ball include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, yoga, pilates, resistance and stability.
  • Therapy Balls
  • Weighted Vests
  • Whistles