Speech Development for Infants 0 – 8 Months

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Suggested play to help speech development for your child:

  • When you hold your baby, trying singing a song. Your infant enjoys the repetitive nature of a melody it hears again and again. Add the soothing movement of a rocking chair and see who falls asleep faster, you or your baby!
  • It’s never too early to read. Snuggle together and read to your baby from a book with clear, colorful pictures. Talk softly and point to the cow, the birds, or anything else on the pages. Your baby will learn at an early age that reading with you is a special time.
  • Point out common sounds. You might not think it is special when the phone rings or a car honks its horn, but everything is new and exciting to your baby. Point out these environmental sounds.  “Do you hear that? The phone is ringing.”
  • Face to Face. When your baby is awake, cuddle it so it can see your face. Talk for a little bit. If your baby coos, squeals, or makes any other sound, react to those sounds. You might not understand what your baby is telling you, but you two are having a conversation.

A typical 6-month-old child can (or has already mastered):

  • Squeal
  • Laugh
  • Respond to sounds, music and speech of others
  • Respond to their name
  • Babbles  maybe even 2 consonants

Parenting Tips for Speech Skills:

Want to help your infant with speech development?

  • From four months on, you can use your words to stay in touch with your baby. If your child is in its crib and it can’t see you putting the clothes away in the dresser, keep talking. Your child will know you’re there by the sound of your voice.
  • Make up songs. Changing a diaper? Sing, “Here we go a-diapering, a-diapering, a-diapering, here we go a-diapering so early in the morning.” If your baby is in its high chair having a snack, sing, “Chew, chew, chew says the Mommy…yum, yum, yum says the tummy!”
  • Play hide and seek. Move where your baby can’t see you. Call its name. “Maria, Maria where are you?” Reappear and say, “There you are!”