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10 Fun, Easy Summer Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers

Tamara GuoChild Routines, Play Time

Paint with Water: Use a large cup, bowl or small bucket and an extra large paintbrush (such as the ones you use to paint the house) and let your child go to town painting the fence, sidewalk, outside of the house, etc. This provides tons of fun and is a nice fine motor activity.

Fly a Kite: Remember doing this when you were a kid? You can buy kites at the Dollar Store these days. And if you don’t have a kite, make paper airplanes instead!

Build a Fort: Use pillows, blankets, furniture and build a fort outside or inside on a rainy day.

Make a Cardboard House: Use a large appliance (stove, refrigerator) box and let your kids color it with markers or crayons. Help them to cut out windows and doors. Provides hours, if not days, of fun.

Have a Picnic: Simply bring lunch, dinner or a snack outdoors on a blanket in the yard or at the park. Or on rainy days, spread your blanket out on the living room floor and do the same.

Sidewalk Chalk: Also available at the Dollar Store, sidewalk chalk provides hours of fine motor practice and washes away with the rain.

Go to the Library: On rainy summer days, take advantage of visiting your local library or bookstore instead of playing online or passively watching technology. Many libraries have weekly story times for toddlers and preschoolers.

Make Water Balloons: Toss water balloons at targets or into large boxes or containers.

Run through the Sprinkler: On sticky hot days, turn on the sprinkler and just run around and get wet!

Wash the Car: Your youngster will love helping you with soap, sponge washing, hosing the car down, etc.