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We all wish we had a parenting guide. And sometimes, our kids just plain stump us. . Why is she not beginning to crawl? Is he going to “grow out of” that toe-stepping? How can we practice gross motor skills at home?   These questions (and thousands more!) are what we hear from parents day in and day out. More than likely, you stumbled upon this website to learn about your child’s development and behavior, too.

To answer your questions and help your child, we’ve created an online video-chat platform to take your questions. Within 30 seconds, you can get a one-on-one meeting scheduled with one of our credentialed specialists. You’ll get actionable recommendations to help him or her. The video meeting can occur on your computer, tablet, or cell phone – so even if you’re at work, you can take part in a consultation during your lunch break!


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Are you ready to get the answers to your questions? Schedule your appointment today for one-on-one consultation with a credentialed specialist. Only $47 for an uninterrupted 25 minute consultation.

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