Visual Skills Development for Babies 9 – 12 Months

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You may start noticing your child visually responding to smiles and voices of others, moving his or her eyes around the room to see what is happening, and creeping after a favorite toy when seen.  Your child is also using his or her eyes together and judging distances.  He or she can now grasp and throw objects with greater accuracy.

Other Milestones Include:

  • Increasing ability to shift visual attention from near to far space
  • Locates people and objects to be avoided when moving toward a goal
  • Imitates a variety of body movements
  • Locates objects pointed to by another person
  • Accurately releases objects into a container
  • Searches for contents removed from a container
  • Plays peek-a-boo
  • Recognizes familiar objects at 20 feet
  • Pulls apart pop beads

So what color are your baby’s eyes?  Since permanent eye color is not set in stone until at least 9 months of age, you may want to wait until your child’s first birthday to determine what color your child’s eyes will be.


  • To develop visual memory play hide-and-seek games with toys
  • If older children are around allow child to watch and imitate
  • Encourage crawling rather than early walking; it is important in developing good eye-hand-body coordination
  • Provide stacking and take-apart toys