Visual Skills Development for Toddlers 24 – 36 Months

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By 2 years of age children should have 20/20 (normal) vision.  You may notice that they are becoming increasing more interested in exploring their environment.  They should be imitating the placement of objects after visual observation.

At this age they are continuing the development of visual motor and fine motor tasks. These tasks include completing form boards, pegboard designs, and simple puzzles. They are now beginning to develop visual closure skills such as identifying common objects that are partially hidden in the environment and identifying common objects regardless of minor structural changes.

Your child will also be using his or her visual memory skills to retrieve a toy from the place it was last seen.  Figure-ground perception skills include locating a specific object from a group of similar objects, and selecting an object when there is a similar background.

Other Visual Milestones Include:

  • Scans an array of two to three pictures
  • Moves eyes systematically left to right to scan an array
  • Accurately inserts string in one-inch bead
  • Watches and imitates the actions of other children
  • Recognizes familiar adult in photograph
  • Matches objects to pictures
  • Sorts 4 colors
  • Finds detail in picture books
  • Matches big and little objects
  • Assembles three-to-four piece puzzle


  • Read to your child and let him or her see what is being read
  • Promote visual motor development by encouraging drawing, coloring, and painting
  • Play catch with a ball, bean bag, or even a rolled up pair of socks
  • Playgrounds provide great opportunities for eye-hand-body coordination