4-6 Months Sensory Questionnaire

Day2DayParenting4-6 Months Sensory Questionnaire

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  1. Minister Obonukut

    My son at 5 months can not sit up nor hold his head on.
    He hardly cry but tears/water always comes from his eyes
    Always spitting and vomiting
    He has difficulty in eye control

    1. Post

      Dear Sir,

      I would consult your son’s pediatrician first regarding your concerns. If you have access to physical therapy, occupational therapy services (for feeding) and vision services for infants in your town have your child’s doctor make a referral. By age 5 months babies should have full head control and be learning to actively roll tummy to back and back to tummy. They should be taking a bottle or breast feeding well. They should be able to visually track toys with their eyes in all directions.

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