How Screen Time Affects Small Children’s Sleep Habits

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By Jackie Kepler Screen time is common among children today, who may use screens to watch TV, interact online, play games, and more. And although screen time isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to be aware of how much screen time your child is exposed to and how it can have an effect on their sleep. Although parents are …

Day2DayParentingHow Screen Time Affects Small Children’s Sleep Habits

How to Protect Your Child From the Dangers of Cyberbullying

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One of the hardest things we go through as parents is knowing how to help our children when they’re hurting. While any bullying is a serious issue, today’s kids also have to worry about a newer threat: cyberbullying. A surprising number of kids are targets of online bullying, and the effects on children can be very serious. As a parent, …

Day2DayParentingHow to Protect Your Child From the Dangers of Cyberbullying

Fun Ideas for Outdoor Play

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Headed to a park or playground this summer? If so, keep these fun ideas in mind to foster your child’s development and creativity while outdoors! Birth-6 Months Simply being outdoors, where your child can experience a multitude of new sounds, sights, and smells, will provide your child with new sensory experiences. Allowing your child to touch leaves, grass, flowers, and …

Day2DayParentingFun Ideas for Outdoor Play
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Screen Time for Kids: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

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Computers are everywhere! No matter which direction we turn, access to a computer – or more specifically “screen time” – is everywhere we look. In many homes, computers and other ways to access the internet are available in almost every room of the house. As parents, we want what is best for our children. If we listen to the commercials …

Betsy GamzaScreen Time for Kids: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives
Winter Crafts - Early Intervention Support

5 Winter Crafts For Toddlers

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What can you do with your little one when it’s so cold outside?  While we wait for the sunshine and warmth of Spring, here are some winter crafts you can do with your toddler to bring some snowy fun to the indoors. Please note all of these activities will also work on language skills as you talk with your child …

Day2DayParenting5 Winter Crafts For Toddlers
Story Time - Early Intervention Support

Ways to Make Story Time Fun For Your Infant or Toddler

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Many parents love the idea of sitting with their infant or toddler on their lap and snuggling in to listen to a great book. This magical moment of reading to your child  can quickly fall apart, however, as he or she squirms out of your lap onto the floor, tries to eat the book, or even grabs and throws the …

Day2DayParentingWays to Make Story Time Fun For Your Infant or Toddler
toy rotation - Early Intervention Support

How to Prevent Boredom with Toy Rotation

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Have you ever wondered why your child gets bored with his or her toys?  Often even after the holidays when your house may have an abundance of new and exciting toys, children still tend to lose interest in toys after a few weeks.  So, why does your child becomes bored with his/her toys so easily?  And how can you help …

Day2DayParentingHow to Prevent Boredom with Toy Rotation
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10 Fun, Easy Summer Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers

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Paint with Water: Use a large cup, bowl or small bucket and an extra large paintbrush (such as the ones you use to paint the house) and let your child go to town painting the fence, sidewalk, outside of the house, etc. This provides tons of fun and is a nice fine motor activity. Fly a Kite: Remember doing this …

Tamara Guo10 Fun, Easy Summer Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers

Turning Oral Motor Activities into Play

Stephenie Gomez Child Development, Play Time

Parents and their children are actually participating in oral motor activities and modeling oral motor skills during their daily routines without even being aware of it. Here are some fun ways to target oral motor skills during play and daily routines with your child that provide multiple opportunities to practice each skill and are fun for everyone!

Stephenie GomezTurning Oral Motor Activities into Play