sensory strategies for elementary school

Sensory Strategies for the Elementary School Classroom

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With summer halfway over, perhaps you’re already thinking about Back to School shopping.  In addition to the exciting preparations, you may also be thinking, “How will my child behave in the classroom?  Does his sensory system allow for him to focus on the teacher’s lessons, engage in classroom activities, and attend to tasks?” Children with sensory processing disorder face unique …

Cognitive Development for Children 4 – 5 Years Old

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In Terms of Cognitive Development, Most 5 Year Olds Will: Be able to dress himself Handle all bathroom responsibilities independently Follow the rules to games, but sometimes change them as she goes Can help with chores Parenting Tips for Preschool Cognitive Development: Suggested ideas to help a toddler between 4 and 5 years develop her social and problem-solving skills: Make …

Q&A: 7 Year Old Started Mispronouncing Words

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My seven year old son has recently started mispronouncing words he used to pronounce correctly. He is very bright (is being tested for the gifted program at school) and was a very early reader. Some of the mispronunciation seems to be related to how he is now “seeing” words he is reading, but it still seems strange. By way of …