Encourage independence in children

Child Routines

One of the ultimate goals and hopes of parenting is for our children to grow into independent, self-sufficient adults. The building blocks for that independence are your child’s daily routines. By helping your child learn to do things like dress and feed themselves, communicate in a healthy way, and play independently, you are laying the foundation for your child to seamlessly transition into adulthood (and it gives you a little break as their independence grows!) Our resources are here to guide and support you as your child learns these valuable skills, no matter their age group or developmental stage.

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Types of Children’s Routines

Work with your child on bath time, diaper changing, potty training, and more.

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Learn about mealtime routines for infants through school age children.

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Sleep Routines
Help your child with nap time and bed time.

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Quiet Time
Discover activities your child can do during quiet time.

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Learn about the importance of tummy time and other important developmental stages.

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Help your child develop her communication skills.

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