Diaper Changes - Day 2 Day Parenting

How to Work on Rolling & Sitting During Diaper Changes

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Looking for ways to encourage your baby to roll and sit? Typically, rolling skills develop between 4-6 months and sitting independently develops between 6-8 months of age. You can help your baby meet these motor milestones by helping them to develop strong core muscles and assisting them in these movements every day. Diaper changes are a great time to help them …

Make Transitions Easier - Early Intervention Support

How to Make Transitions Easier for Your Toddler

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Many parents or caregivers discover at one time or another that transitions in daily routines can be very challenging with a toddler, particularly if that means ending a favorite activity or beginning a non-preferred one. While most toddlers have tantrums from time to time, there are some strategies that you can use to help make transitions easier for your child…and …

Premature baby development

Positioning for Premature Baby Development

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Infants born prematurely are met with a difficult situation. They try to grow and develop as they would have if they were still in the womb, however, they are doing so outside the womb. Proper positioning of preemie babies throughout their day can help them to achieve their goals for development and help ease the harshness of the world they …

The Importance of Tummy Time & Its Effect on Motor Skills Development

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Tummy Time in the First 3 Weeks We have all heard about the importance of tummy time; increased vestibular input, respiratory benefits, digestive benefits and strength benefits in neck, trunk and arms which result in appropriate gross and fine motor development. These skills then positively affect everything from sensory processing to crawling and handwriting.  What a lot of us don’t …

The Importance of Posture & Positions for Play & Movement

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As a pediatric physical therapist for many years, I keep returning to the idea that posture, alignment and positioning are crucial for helping all children  develop efficient  ways of moving for  play and exploration. Let’s start by talking about infants and toddlers. For many years now it has been recommended that babies be placed to sleep on their backs. This …