Plagiocephaly or flat head syndrome

My Child Has a Flat Head. Does My Child Need a Helmet? | Plagiocephaly

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As a physical therapist, I encounter this question quite often when treating infants.  I also receive questions such as, “If we do our physical therapy, will the flatness improve?” and “If this were your child, what would you do?” When a physical therapist first evaluates your child, he/she may look at several things, including: Location of the flat spot (or …

early intervention speech therapy

Early Intervention Speech Therapy: Why Does It Look Like Just Playing?

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Many parents are surprised when their child begins early intervention speech therapy, and the therapist comes to their home and starts playing with their child instead of sitting down at a table and practicing flash cards of new words.  Parents may be concerned because their child is not talking, but what may be of more concern to an EI Speech therapist is …

Hanen it takes two to talk program

Language Delays: What is the It Takes Two to Talk Program?

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The It Takes Two to Talk Program is designed specifically for parents of young children (birth to 5 years of age) who have been identified as having a language delay. In a small, personalized group setting, parents learn practical strategies to help their children learn language naturally throughout the day. Speech therapists are trained to accommodate parents’ individual learning styles, …

Applied Behavior Analysis and Early Intervention

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The practice of ABA seeks to determine the “who, what, where, and why” of behaviors in order to develop methods to both teach new skills and replace problem behaviors with positive ones. ABA is used to teach a wide variety of skills such as play skills, communication, self-help skills, and social skills.

Autism Spectrum Therapies: the PLAY Project

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As therapists working with our families in their natural environments, we have the ability to choose from many different approaches to autism spectrum therapy as well as identify appropriate structures for interventions that can be implemented. One such approach is called “The PLAY Project” (Play and Language for the Autistic Youngster).

Top 4 Questions About Speech Therapy for Infants & Toddlers

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Can you provide therapy for an infant as young as 3 or 6 months? How do you go about getting a child of that age to understand and respond? Children are interactive from birth and are learning the building blocks of speech, language and overall communication from very early in life. Even a newborn child is communicating! There are very …

What is Torticollis? Treatment Options and When You Should Seek Therapy

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Torticollis is the shortening of a neck muscle called the sternocleidomastoid. The side that is affected causes a child to have their neck tilted to the side of the shorted muscle and their chin rotated to the opposite side. The child has difficulties tilting their head the opposite direction of the tight muscle and turning their head to the involved …

Using Technology as a Therapy Tool for Children: Pros & Cons

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Using the iPad, Smart Phones and Wii Gaming for Therapy If you have left your home at any point in the past few years you have undoubtedly seen iPads and iPhones everywhere. The concept of iTechnology has become a norm in our society. This is also becoming true for early intervention therapy. iPads, iPhones, and/or any type of touch pad …

What Are Nutrition Services in Early Intervention?

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Nutrition services assess the nutritional needs of the child and correct for any nutritional deficiencies. Nutrition services are provided by a registered dietitian. Services include the assessment of: Nutritional history, current dietary intake and nutrient needs Anthropometrical (measurement of height & weight), biochemical (ie. Metabolism) and other clinical variables Feeding skills and feeding problems Food habits and food preferences Nutritional …

How Yoga Can Help Children with ADD/ADHD

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Yoga has been practiced for centuries and Web MD states that currently as many as 11 million Americans are taking advantage of yoga to help them with increased flexibility, strength, balance and improved posture. But, how can yoga be beneficial to children with a diagnosis of attention deficit disorder? Aside from the above mentioned skills, which are wonderful for any …