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You’ll be hard pressed to find a parent who doesn’t want their child to be well-behaved. However, behavior is much more than just polite children who say “please” and “thank you.” While those things are nice (and important), we are here to answer your questions about how to encourage appropriate social interactions, why those afternoon meltdowns might happen and how to help your child become self-confident (just to name a few!). Our resources can provide insight into the needs and behaviors of your child as they continue to grow and face new challenges.

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Understanding Your Child’s Behaviors

Expected Behavior by Age
Learn about behaviors expected by a certain age, such as walking, talking, and being able to pay attention.
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Challenging Behavior by Development Stage
Discover ways to handle challenging behaviors such as saying bad words, hitting, biting, and more.
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Building Self-Confidence
Help your child build up self-esteem and self-confidence with these tactics.
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Building Independence
Teach your child patience and self-regulation to help them build independence as they grow.
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Social Graces
Encourage good manners, the use of please and thank you, sharing and taking turns, and more.
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Learn discipline tactics to keep your child safe and reward positive behaviors.
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