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Child Development Questionnaires

Do you have questions about your child’s development?

Click on the area of development that you are interested in, and then click on the age group of your child to take our short questionnaire.

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  1. Iam looking forward to seek help and advised from the expertise because I suspect my daughter has dyslexia. Thank You in advance and more power to your team.

  2. My grandaughter is almost 3 mOnths. She does not put weight on her legs when we hold her up. She stares a lot. She does not focus on my face for more than a few seconds but she will to her mom.

    1. My grandson is an adorable social two year old. Both his gross motor and fine motor skills are good. His speech is coming along. He is confused about basic. colors. At what age do they usually know colors?

      1. Dear Nina,

        At two children should start to show color awareness by first matching colors. For example, if you find a blue ball, and place a red and blue ball in front of him and ask “Can you find a blue ball like mine?”, see if he can choose the blue ball from the red ball and then reinforce “these are the same color, they are both blue”. When he is able to consistently match colors, usually by about 2.5, then he can start working on choosing a blue car from among other colors. Matching some first, actual color recognition and naming comes next usually more towards the age of 3.

  3. Hello,
    I have a question about the neck of my six-month old baby girl. Could I have some idea about her situation? She was six month old by October, but her head is still not straight yet when she stands or sits, we concern whether there is problems with her neck. We want it is normal, if not, what cause this problem, what we can do to fix it. Thank you very much. And we are looking forward to your reply.

  4. My 4 year old granddaughter has started throughing fits when she does not get what she wants. She even has started telling me she hates me and doesn’t want to be with me and if she comes back to my house she is going to burn it down. I am almost at my end with her but my daughter needs me to help her watch her and I do love her so but am about to lose my mind. Please anyone who can help I can sure use it.

    1. Kathy, that sounds like it’s really rough for you. Is there any upheaval in your grandaughter’s life currently such as a move, parents splitting up, new paramour in home, etc? Any major change can cause a child’s behavior to escalate. What’s important is that as rough as tantrums are, that you and her mom are not giving into her fits and giving her what she wants. If throwing a fit gets her attention and gets her what she wants or allows her to get her own way, then these tantrums will surely escalate. As for her words such as saying “she hates you” or doesn’t want to come back, I know that feels hurtful, but at age 4 a child is not cognitively understanding the implications of what she is saying. I would ignore any “back talk”. If you feel her behavior is escalating and you need more help, I would first consult your granddaughter’s pediatrician, and ask for referral for an evaluation from a child psychologist. Or check with your local school district’s 3-5 preschool program for a developmental evaluation. Early Intervention Services in the USA are 0-5. This Q & A may be helpful:

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