Using Meal Planning in Your Lunch & Dinner Routine

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Ah! The moment when you realize you forgot to plan something for lunch or dinner. You are at a loss for what to make and everything is either frozen or cereal. There has to be something better, and there is! Meal times shouldn’t be stressful. But how do you make them less stressful and yet nutritious? One simple thing can …

Breastfeeding tips

Nursing and Breastfeeding Tips for Busy Families

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Breastfeeding a baby is probably one of the most amazing experiences that any woman can encounter. As mammals, nature created our bodies so that we will produce the necessary milk for our young. The most recent recommendations from pediatricians have even been to nurse (or formula feed) your baby exclusively for the first six months of life before introducing solid …

bottle feeding basics

Bottle Feeding Basics

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In today’s market there are so very many choices for types of bottles and nipples that it can be overwhelming for any parent, especially a first time parent. Often you may have to try a few types of bottles and nipples until you find one that your baby likes best. Once you find the right bottle for your baby, be …

Meal Preparation For Kids - Day 2 Day Parenting

Meal Preparation For Kids: How To Get Them Involved

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It can be exhausting to complete all of the tasks and demands of the day. Throw children into the mix and things can be even more challenging. Meal preparation is one routine that does not have to be one of the day’s stressors! When it’s time to get a meal together, keeping children occupied is tricky. They are getting hungry …

Sippy Cups - Early Intervention Support

The Truth About Sippy Cups

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A common question parents ask me is, “I hear sippy cups aren’t good for my child’s speech development. Can you tell me why?” The answer may not be what you think! Here are the common concerns regarding sippy cups: Swallowing When a child drinks from a sippy cup vs. an open cup vs. a straw cup, what they do with …

learn to feed - Early Intervention Support

How Do I Help My Baby Learn to Feed Themselves?

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For most typically-developing infants, pediatricians will advise that parents begin introducing spoon-fed baby foods to their babies at around the age of 6 months. Generally, we start with a thin mixture of rice cereal, and as babies demonstrate that they can handle this gentle food, we gradually add foods one at a time to ensure that there are no allergies. …

bottle weaning

Weaning From Bottle and Pacifier: When and Why

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All parents must face the task of weaning their children from a bottle at some point, but when is the best time to do it? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends doing it by the time healthy children are 15 months. If there are significant concerns regarding the child’s health and nutrition, it is always advised to check with a child’s pediatrician before weaning from the bottle.