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Preparing Kids for Medical Appointments

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Children learn pretty quickly that when they are out in public, you are less likely to scold, or discipline them because of all the other people around. You may be more likely to “give in” at that moment just to stop the screaming. Sometimes kids may take advantage of this by saving their best tantrum for the grocery store line …

Day2DayParentingPreparing Kids for Medical Appointments

Have You Had Your Baby’s Eyes Checked?

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Healthy eyes and good vision play a critical role in how infants and children learn to see.  Eye and vision problems can lead to developmental delays if not caught early on.  Therefore, the American Optometric Association is recommending that infants have their first eye exam around 6 months of age, again at 3 years, and then before starting school.  At …

Day2DayParentingHave You Had Your Baby’s Eyes Checked?