Do You Think My Child Has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)?

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Do you think he has ADHD? As an early intervention therapist this is a question I get asked by parents with children as young as 16 months of age. It is important to know that ADHD should never be diagnosed in children younger than age 4, and between ages 5-18 is when most children will receive an ADHD diagnosis providing …

Tips To Deal With A Screaming Toddler

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Toddlers love to hear the sound of their own voices. And yes, as annoying at it is, toddlers love to shriek-often at the top of their little lungs! Often in public places like grocery stores and restaurants, much to their parent’s dismay. Toddlers may scream for a variety of reasons. Some kids just get louder and squeal because they are …

when kids say bad words

What To Do When Little Kids Say “Bad” Words

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The first time that your toddler uttered a swear word, it undoubtedly caught everyone by surprise and might have even made people laugh. Why do little kids say bad words? Because they often get a BIG reaction (be it positive or negative) from the big people in their lives.  They may have heard an older sibling say a swear word, …

toddler hitting

Why is My Toddler Hitting?

Stephanie SaikalyBehavior, Challenging Behavior

We have heard it before: My toddler just started hitting!  Rest assured, you are not alone if this is something you have encountered.  It is often a “phase” that toddlers may experiment with during interactions or play.  However, for some children it could require further investigation as to what may be the cause of this behavior and how to prevent …

preventing tantrums

Preventing Tantrums at the Store

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You are perusing the aisles at Target (or insert the name of your favorite store) and you hear a child screaming for a candy bar at the checkout counter. Now, what if the above-described child is YOUR child?  This is when we need to consider intervention strategies. How can we avoid that embarrassing supermarket meltdown from happening in the first …

Q&A: Four Year Old Won’t Stop Thumb Sucking

Tamara GuoBehavior, Challenging Behavior

Our four-year old has his thumb in his mouth most of his waking hours. We’ve tried talking it over with him, the Thumb Buddy, books and stories about thumb sucking. His dentist talked to him about it approximately six months ago, too. None of these things have worked. We’re open to getting a professional evaluation but don’t know where to …

w sitting day to day parenting

What’s Wrong with W Sitting in Children?

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Do you see your child or someone else’s child sitting with their bottom on the floor and their legs out beside them, forming a “W” shape? This is commonly called “W sitting.” You may think “wow, look how flexible they are.” Although flexibility in your muscles is a good thing, “W” sitting is not.