Gross Motor Skills for Preschool Children 48 – 60 Months (4 – 5 Years Old)

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At five years old, most children can complete the following gross motor skills:

  • Walk backwards toe-heal
  • Jump forward 10 times without falling
  • Walk up and down stairs independently, alternating feet
  • Turn a somersault

Tips to help your 5 year old develop gross motor skills

You can help with early child development.  Suggested play to help a child between four and five develop gross motor skills:

  • X marks the spot. Paint an X, or tape a piece of paper with an X on it, to a fence. Take turns throwing tennis balls at the X. Keep trying until you hit the X.
  • Make the balloon fly. Tap a balloon so it goes up into the air. When it comes down, your child must tap it to make it fly again. See how long you can keep the balloon flying in the air.
  • It’s time for basketball. At this age, you can teach your child how to dribble a ball. A small basket on a picnic table can be your hoop.
  • Dance your heart out. Turn on some music and get out some dish towels or scarves. Let your child swing the scarves as it moves to the beat.
  • Visit a playground. What to do first? With so many choices, your child will swing, slide, climb, and run!
  • Have fun in all seasons. In the fall, jumping in leaves is great fun. In the winter, bundle up and make snow angels. When summer comes, mom or dad can get out the sprinkler.
  • Play animal charades. Cut out pictures of animals from a magazine and put them in a hat. Pick one out and act out the animal. Pick a turtle? Get on the floor and slowly crawl. Pick a bunny rabbit? Start hopping.
  • Be the conductor. Play some music and have your child direct the music. This is more fun if your child has ribbons in its hands so it can watch the designs it makes in the sky.