Q&A: My Son Has Self Regulation Issues in Preschool

Tamara GuoBehavior, Challenging Behavior

blockquote_bgMy question is regarding my son’s behavior in preschool. He was enrolled in preschool about a month after the school year started and his teacher tell me is is doing great other then a self regulating issue. She says it isn’t a bad thing because he is adjusting but I want to help him out and I am not sure what to do. What are my options? I have been doing a lot of research online and I am doing everything everyone suggests. I know that my son does not have autism or any other learning disability because he was evaluated at age 2 and 3 and also had early intervention for a speech delay.

We have a nice article on our website about self-regulation at this link.

Since your son is just adjusting to starting preschool and began a month after the class began, he may simply need more time, especially if he has never been in a group setting before. If he is only 3 or 4, getting used to a new teacher, a structured preschool routine and new playmates can be overwhelming at first. It sounds like both you and his teacher are being pro-active in addressing any concerns that arise. Without knowing the specific behaviors that are suggesting your son is having problems with self-regulation I can’ t recommend anything for certain, but the above article link may give you some suggestions.

Since you are already familiar with early intervention services, if he continues to exhibit poor impulse control or other issues in the classroom which may even be sensory in nature, you might wish to request an occupational therapy evaluation from the 3-5 preschool early intervention program in your area to rule out any sensory concerns. Otherwise, just giving him a 3 month period to adjust to new peers and a structured classroom routine may be all he needs.