Trunk Support for Children: What Are They & How They Help

Trunk Supports

Benik is a form-fitted trunk support garment made out of light neoprene. Its goals are to:

  • Provide biomechanical stability by exerting forces to manage tone, muscle pull, and deformity
  • Provide deep pressure for better body awareness

SPIO (Stabilizing Pressure Input Orthosis) is a garment that is form fitted to be like a second skin. It is made out of a thicker Lycra material.

SPIO is similar to Benik, but its main purpose is to provide deep pressure for better body awareness.

Hip Abduction Supports


Add-A-Bands are an assistive device designed to facilitate the development of normal movement patterns in children with low muscle tone and/or lax hip ligaments.

The latter may contribute to excessive flexibility, making it difficult to develop an adequate base of support from which to attain a good position to move.

Consequently, a child may have difficulty moving with ease and efficiency, and undesirable habits may develop such as moving from sitting to lying through the middle of wide split legs.

When properly adjusted, Add-A-Bands facilitate the optimal base of support at the knees and/or feet of a child when the spacing of his or her legs is excessively wide. Combinations of movements at the hip joints are then permitted without restriction other than limiting excessive widening.

Add-A-Bands can also be used as a positioning assist to limit excessive widening of the legs with children experiencing muscle weakness or paralysis from nerve damage.

Specialized Shoes

Hatchbacks Footwear makes a variety of specialized shoes for boys and girls.

Every Hatchbacks shoe incorporates a patented Rear-Entry hinge system called Easy Fit that’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. The Easy Fit system is designed to facilitate ease of entry and egress from the shoe by pivoting open at the hinge. The shoe remains firmly closed by a Velcro fastener that is also very easy to use.

To make an Elite shoe, Hatchbacks took their Easy Fit system and created a custom last molded around a brace. This new last provides extra width around the toe box, extra girth around the ankle, and more room around the heel. This means that most children will be able to wear Hatchbacks Elites that are the same size as their foot. No more wearing shoes two sizes too big! In addition to the specialized last, hatchbacks added a lightweight sole, quality materials, extra tough stitching, and great contemporary styling.

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