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Easy and Healthy Breakfast Tips

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The beeping of the alarm rustles you from your peaceful slumber—you reach out of bed and shut it off and wish that the sandman could come visit you for a few more minutes; but alas morning has come. Often mornings are so hectic that taking time to eat breakfast is lost in the shuffle; but we all know that breakfast …

Day2DayParentingEasy and Healthy Breakfast Tips
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Teaching Children Hand Washing Basics

Tamara Guo Child Routines, Hand Washing, Hygiene

Let’s face it, little kids’ hands get dirty-often! So teaching them when and how to wash their hands is an important part of their daily hygiene routine that should begin in toddlerhood. If you give your little ones the basics and make hand washing a part of their daily routine at home, it will become ingrained in them before they …

Tamara GuoTeaching Children Hand Washing Basics
screen time for kids

Screen Time for Kids: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives

Betsy Gamza Child Routines, Computer Time, Parent Routines, Quiet Time, Screen Time

Computers are everywhere! No matter which direction we turn, access to a computer – or more specifically “screen time” – is everywhere we look. In many homes, computers and other ways to access the internet are available in almost every room of the house. As parents, we want what is best for our children. If we listen to the commercials …

Betsy GamzaScreen Time for Kids: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives
Breastfeeding tips

Nursing and Breastfeeding Tips for Busy Families

Betsy Gamza Child Routines, Mealtime, Nursing, Nursing, Parent Routines

Breastfeeding a baby is probably one of the most amazing experiences that any woman can encounter. As mammals, nature created our bodies so that we will produce the necessary milk for our young. The most recent recommendations from pediatricians have even been to nurse (or formula feed) your baby exclusively for the first six months of life before introducing solid …

Betsy GamzaNursing and Breastfeeding Tips for Busy Families
bottle feeding basics

Bottle Feeding Basics

Tamara Guo Bottle Feeding, Child Routines, Mealtime

In today’s market there are so very many choices for types of bottles and nipples that it can be overwhelming for any parent, especially a first time parent. Often you may have to try a few types of bottles and nipples until you find one that your baby likes best. Once you find the right bottle for your baby, be …

Tamara GuoBottle Feeding Basics
tooth brushing for kids

Oral Hygiene: Tooth Brushing for Kids

Tamara Guo Child Routines, Hygiene, Tooth Brushing

Good oral hygiene is important for your baby from the start. Before your infant even gets his fist teeth, you can use a piece of gauze wrapped around your index finger to gently clean your baby’s gums after feedings. This will ready your baby for when the first teeth emerge, usually around 6 months of age (but this varies greatly …

Tamara GuoOral Hygiene: Tooth Brushing for Kids
diaper changing routines and tips

Are You Challenged By Diaper Changing Routines?

Tamara Guo Child Routines, Diaper Changing, Hygiene

As a parent you probably never thought of diaper changing as being fun or educational, right? But, did you know that you and your baby can work on a lot of developmental skills during one single diaper change and actually make it a positive learning experience? Infants are typically less of a challenge when it comes to changing diapers, but …

Tamara GuoAre You Challenged By Diaper Changing Routines?
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Meal Preparation For Kids: How To Get Them Involved

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It can be exhausting to complete all of the tasks and demands of the day. Throw children into the mix and things can be even more challenging. Meal preparation is one routine that does not have to be one of the day’s stressors! When it’s time to get a meal together, keeping children occupied is tricky. They are getting hungry …

Day2DayParentingMeal Preparation For Kids: How To Get Them Involved
Sippy Cups - Early Intervention Support

The Truth About Sippy Cups

Rinda Graybill Child Routines, Mealtime

A common question parents ask me is, “I hear sippy cups aren’t good for my child’s speech development. Can you tell me why?” The answer may not be what you think! Here are the common concerns regarding sippy cups: Swallowing When a child drinks from a sippy cup vs. an open cup vs. a straw cup, what they do with …

Rinda GraybillThe Truth About Sippy Cups
Make Transitions Easier - Early Intervention Support

How to Make Transitions Easier for Your Toddler

Day2DayParenting Child Routines, Parent Routines, Positioning, Switching Activities

Many parents or caregivers discover at one time or another that transitions in daily routines can be very challenging with a toddler, particularly if that means ending a favorite activity or beginning a non-preferred one. While most toddlers have tantrums from time to time, there are some strategies that you can use to help make transitions easier for your child…and …

Day2DayParentingHow to Make Transitions Easier for Your Toddler