Cognitive Development for Babies 8 – 12 Months

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In Terms of Cognitive Development, Most One Year Olds Can:

  • Show happiness to see her parents’ face, bottle, toys and mirror
  • Know strangers from family; cries when parent goes away
  • Begins to play simple games
  • Gives affection and love
  • Pay attention to simple commands such as ‘No’ and ‘Give it to me’
  • Show anxiety when separated from her parents
  • Have fear with new situations

Parenting Tips for Toddler Cognitive Development:

By nine months, your baby might enjoy follow the leader. Use simple movements, like tapping on the table or putting on a hat. Say, ‘Your turn,’ and see if he or she is able to follow along. Remember to let her have a turn at being the leader.

Wash your belly. When your baby is taking a bath, give her the washcloth. Encourage her to wash herself. Later, when she’s getting dressed let her help get dressed by pushing her arm through her shirt. These skills take a long time to develop. Be patient and practice every once and a while.

Eat like a big boy. Let your baby feed himself during snack time. Give him a choice of wholesome food, like crackers, pieces of fruit, or cheese. With a little help, he might be able to drink from a cup, just like you!

Put him or her to work! Babies this age like to help, so provide them with a damp sponge and let them wipe the table and chairs.