Gross Motor Skills for Babies 6 – 9 Months Old

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For children with special needs, intervention in early childhood development means finding specific ways to help a child become as functional as possible.

Gross motor development involves the larger, stronger muscle groups. In early child development, it’s the development of these muscles that enable it to hold its head up, sit, crawl and eventually walk, run, jump and skip.

Below are some guidelines for your child’s gross motor skills development from six to nine months:

  • From six to nine months, your infant is turning into a little explorer. Once his or her legs are strong, he or she might enjoy standing, so put some toys on the sofa or a low table, to encourage reaching for them.
  • Create an obstacle course. A few pillows and blankets on the floor make crawling much more exciting.
  • Let your child create his or her own obstacle course. He or she will crawl under tables and behind chairs, so make sure those areas are safe and clean.
  • Once your child can sit alone, give him or her toys. No need to run to the store, simply give him or her a shiny pot lid. Your child will enjoy seeing his or her reflection and making music when banging on it.