Gross Motor Skills Milestones Between 3 to 6 Months

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 At 6 months, most babies can do the following:

  • Holding their heads up when being held in a sitting position
  • Rolls
  • Pushing themselves up onto their arms when on belly
  • Pivot body when on belly
  • Sit momentarily when leaning on hands

Parenting Tips for Gross Motor Skills:

  • When your baby is between three and six months, place your infant on its belly and help him or her reach a rattle out in front.
  • Have fun with bubbles!  Encourage your infant to move his or her arms by blowing bubbles and showing him or her how to swat at them.
  • Turn yourself into a chair for your infant. Sit behind your infant for support, and let him or her hold a toy or a soft book. You can whisper in his or her ear, gently kiss his or her cheek – anything to let your baby know he or she is loved.
  • Help your infant stand. Place him or her on your knees and gently hold him or her up to a standing position. This will strengthen your infant’s legs and help to gain balance to see the world in a new perspective.
  • Babies love to bounce. Hold your infant’s hands to help him or her stand up on the floor, your lap or the sofa. Watch your baby smile as he or she bounces up and down.